Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unbuckling the Bible Belt

In my many years of projecting/maintaining my online “sexual presence,” I’ve always been naturally curious about all of you “out there” in the ether. Who are you? Where are you from? Is this the first time you’ve encountered me? How often have we connected? So of course, I was very interested to read this demographic study of online porn use (and users) in America:

Click here to read Ashley Feinberg’s “A State by State Map of America’s Filthy Porn Searches”

A few of my more interesting observations of the study include the telling popularity of ebony/interracial porn searches in the deep South and Texans’ apparent predilection for teen porn–in a strongly anti-abortion state often preoccupied with their teen pregnancy issues. But clearly, if there’s one particular sexual niche receiving broad-based support across this great land of ours, it’s creampies. From far-western Arizona to Maine, untold millions of Americans LOVE their creampies, and they’re not shy about actively seeking out those special moments online.

I’m sure there are lots of other emerging trends and studies out there to help inform this one, so I’ll keep studying, and I’ll sometimes share with you what I find most interesting about this human (and now technology-driven) dynamic that so many of us share. And in a very real way, I suppose I could consider it “market research,” too.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bull's Eye View

I'll dispense with the now-customary apologia for not posting more frequently, fully . . . blah-blah-blah.

Rest assured that I am still "around" here on the interwebs, and you can likely reach me most quickly either via Twitter (LeslieGreyXXX) or by emailing me directly at Yes, I do answer all of my own emails, and I usually reply the same day or the next, depending on "bio-rhythms."

So anyway, to my reason for posting now. I just received the hottest POV video from my favorite BBC bull, Ty Steele, that he filmed the last time he and I got together. I simply love to ravage his fit, firm body and thick, long cock, so we get together pretty regularly, and we've gotten very comfortable with each other (to say the least).

While hubby Marc is usually in charge of any/all camera work while I play with others, Ty sometimes like to take a few of his own, personal pics on his phone while I savor his favors, and on this particular day, he even shot a short vid of my deep-throating his massive member.

I immediately got wet when I first saw this clip, so naturally, I wanted to share! Hope you like:

Link: Bull's Eye View

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double Identity (Or . . . "Hey, I've had my hands full!")

Granted, it's been a goodly while since I last updated this particular facet of my "webself," but rest assured that I am most truly engaged, energized and evolving as far as my sexual predilections are concerned! If you haven't checked out my new venture,, I hope you'll stop by to see what I've been up to, and I'm currently appearing live weekly on Vicky Vette's "VNA Live" Network. To be quite honest, the live cam-show appearances haven't always been my favorite in the past, with some networks, at least. However, Vicky has been nothing short of awesome, and the shows have been refreshingly, okay, surprisingly fun! Anyway, I've really enjoyed my weekly live-cam fuck sessions with hubby Marc, so be sure to stop by and share all the fun. All live shows on Vicky's network are free with and subscription to my site>

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: Cuckold Erotica by Arthur Mitchell

Recently, one of our long-time friends and admirers contacted me to ask that I read and review some of his lifestyle short fiction, and I was more than happy to oblige. After all, one little-known fact about me (and hubby, actually) is that--despite our forays into somewhat "unconventional" ventures, we both have liberal arts degrees from four-year universities (I'm an English grad, and Marc has a dual-major degree in Modern American lit and rhetoric. Okay, I know . . . with those degrees, what else ARE we qualified for but online erotica? Well, point taken. Okay, I digress . . .

Arthur Mitchell's works first attracted my attention because--upon initially skimming some of his short stories--his penchant for BBC encounters and tales becomes readily apparent (a man after my own heart). And furthermore, because his works predominantly are told from the cuckold's first-person point-of-view, he enables me to envision and relive some terrifically erotic encounters from the perspective of the voyeur/husband. In other words, at least for me, his works allow me to "get off" from two different perspectives . . . both mine and the cucks. And you know I've always been a fan of "multiplicity," no? At any rate, I hope you enjoy the below peek into Arthur Miller's deliciously deviant and kinky fiction:

The first sampling of Miller's work that I enjoyed was Breeding Cuckold Wife Natalie: A Big Black Cock Sex Story, a collection of tawdry stories that truly enmesh you into the psyche of a prototypical cuckold husband. And damn . . . what a collection! In hindsight, it probably was not a wise choice for an afternoon read at my local library (with fantasies this hot, a girl just has to "adjust herself" from time to time!), but where else can I cling to the secret hope that some well-hung bull will ask me what I'm reading?

The stories included in this collection comprise a very dark, very intense story of an engineer (Tom) and his wife (Natalie) who finally recognize that--despite years of random swinging experiences--their sexual life remains somewhat dull and unfulfilling. I love the way in which Natalie confirms her basic desire for a hung, black lover, essentially "permitting" Tom to assume the passive role of cuck. This is one of the truest cuckolding tales I have ever read, one that demonstrates the cuck-hubby's psycho-sexual understanding and conflict that one doesn't normally encounter in erotica. Natalie's desire to direct and own the new "arrangement," culminate with her resulting pregnancy, is frank and raw, as is Greg's conflict and self-disgust upon allowing himself to be a willing participant.

In contrast, Cheating Wives: Cuckold Stories from Underground Suburbia is a slightly more light-hearted, fun collection of flirtatious and sexy short stories. The stories cover a somewhat wider range of cuckolding fantasies, some dark and some light, but all of them incredibly insightful, realistic and erotic. All three stories focus upon different couples, but it is still simply too hard to decide which one is my favorite. In "The Observer of Infidelity," readers enjoy the perspective of a husband secretly observing and photographing his slut wife's trysts, and ""Yes, Madam" chronicles a cuckold's efforts to keep his wife well-supplied with strange cock (okay, maybe this one is my favorite, lol). And finally, I loved "A Neighbor's Gift," too, especially the way in which Rosa commands her bull to come inside of her while hubby watches!

In all, Arthur Mitchell clearly provides all of us cuck-enthusiasts a powerfully realistic, and well-written collection that absolutely should reside on the shelf or kindle of any cuckold . . . whether you're currently living and enjoying the lifestyle or simply fantasizing.

You can find links to Arthur Mitchell's works here:

Breeding Cuckold Wife Natalie: A Big Black Cock Sex Story:"

Cheating Wives: Cuckold Stories from Underground Suburbia:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Out of Hibernation . . .

Wow . . . now THAT was one long, tedious, sloppy and considerably depressing winter, wasn't it? I tell ya, man . . . we simply have to start considering some warmer climes for our home base. Granted, the first snow of each winter does bring us some flashes of child-like bliss, but as soon as it loses its initial luster and the slush, muck and slop takes over--the winter funk always gets us.

Anyway, yes, with the first day of April now behind us, I thought I would once again see if I can commit to posting some updates here on a semi-regular basis. Yeah, right . . . I know what you're thinking. Me too. At any rate, I'm here and I'm typing now . . . isn't that what really matters?

Things with our site have begun to improve, and I'm re-energized about the possibility of beginning to target specific types of content to supplement the FOUR YEARS of twice-weekly updates we've maintained thus far. Wow, hard to believe that soon we will post our 200th video and our 200th picture set on the site. Time flies, huh?

According to the surveys we've received from our beloved members, though, they are very interested in seeing more interracial fun, in particular me with several black men at once. I love our members, particularly when our dirty little minds think so much alike, so this spring and summer will be dedicated to enjoying as many hot black men as I can . . . singly, in pairs or groups. Very excited!

Anyway, I promise to keep you posted more regularly on the site's progress and our exploits as they develop. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter:!/LustCouple, you can find us on Facebook (Leslie N Marc Croft), or hell, just comment below or email us directly if you like ( I always love hearing from fans, admirers, perverts and the like.

Hope you like this pic from a recent shoot we did. Consider it evidence that I haven't been a complete sloth this winter. More soon.



Friday, March 5, 2010

Start-up Business

Over the post two-plus years that we've had our little web site venture, we've received lots of messages from members, fans and friends covering all sorts of interesting topics (okay, mostly sex in one way or another, but still . . .).

Anyway, when members learn that we are both college-educated, both with reputable "day jobs" that actually qualify as careers, well, they naturally become a bit curious about exactly why we decided to get into the amateur porn biz.

Of course, the short (and overly simplistic" answer would be "for the money". But not by any stretch of the imagination would that actually be true. Granted, our wonderful, faithful members have helped to supplement our household income, but not at all in any substantial way. Without getting too bogged down in maudlin financial details, let's just say that our household income is very, very close to America's median income . . . and monies from the "LustCouple" site comprise less than ten percent of that.

In short, no, we don't do it for the money. The more complete and honest answer is that we do it for the sexiness of it . . . we both love having a "naughty little secret" in our lives. As well, we consider it a beneficial means of communicating with others, believe it or not. You'd be surprised how many genuine, appreciative notes we've received from both couples and singles . . . telling us that our site, our shows or our sentiments have helped them to address and resolve their own sexual
issues or to improve their own sex lives.

At any rate, we know that we will some day get outta this little venture of ours, but not any time soon . . . and certainly not without so many memories and new insights about all of us.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Back in the Pink

The holidays are now shrinking fast in our rearview mirror, and Leslie has finally gotten past some nagging but not debilitating maladies. Was it the flu? A cold? Something in between? It's so hard to tell, anymore. It wasn't anything that really seemed to demand urgent, professional diagnosis, but still . . . blech! Anyway, feeling much better now . . . which means we're finally gonna get back on schedule with some live, on-cam play time.

For those of you who are members of our site, we hope you can join us in the "members" cam room Saturday night, January 16th at 10:00 EST for some intimate fun. If you're planning to drop in . . . and you have any particular wardrobe or action requests . . . just drop us an email. Otherwise, we'll be happy to search our perverse little minds for our own tastes for fun. Either way, we're fucking horny and can't wait to indulge our exhibitionist sides!

Hope you can make it, and hope you will come!